A Bucklin and a Peck

Earlier this year I wrote a post titled “James Bucklin and His Forebears.”  In that post I wrote about the ancestors of my great great grandfather (and my own, of course) James Bucklin (1821-1890).  One of those couples was a Bucklin and a Peck.  That would have been James Bucklin’s great grandparents (my 5x great grandparents) James Bucklin (1709-1780) and Mary Peck (1721-1770).   In that other post I followed the Bucklin line back a few generations.  This time I’ll look back along the Peck line, mainly because I found an old newspaper article about her great great grandfather Joseph Peck.

Newspaper article about Joseph Peck who originated in Beccles, England, in 1587.

We’ll start with Mary’s parents Jathniel Peck, Jr. and Damaris Bowen.  Those are some unique names – at least compared to the Bucklin line that had Marys, Josephs, James, and Sarahs.  Of course you know that the Jathniel name is repeated – he’s a junior!  Jathniel Sr. was married to Sarah Smith.  Uh, oh!  I spoke too soon.  There’s another Sarah and with the most common of names – Smith.  At least her mother had an interesting name – Esther Chickering.  Going back to the Pecks, we have Jathniel Sr.’s parents Joseph Peck, Jr. and Hannah Playford.

All of these generations lived in Rehoboth, Massachusetts.  The first generation that lived there was Joseph Jr. and Hannah.  Hannah actually died in Seekonk, Rhode Island.  If you read the article, you’ll see that Seekonk was part of the original Rehoboth.  Now Joseph Jr. is not the Joseph Peck I talked about at first.  If you were paying attention, you would know that Joseph Peck, Jr. was the great grandfather of Mary Peck.  Joseph Peck Jr. was the son of – drumroll, please – Joseph Peck Sr.  I suppose you saw that coming. 

Joseph Sr. was baptized on April 30, 1587, in the Beccles Church shown in the newspaper article.  Joseph grew up in Beccles, which is in Norfolk, England.  He married Rebecca Clark in 1617 in Hingham, England, and they had five children by the year 1635. Joseph and his family were Puritans, and his brother Robert was the pastor of their church in Hingham.  The Puritans were being persecuted in England at the time, so they decided to escape to America.   It looks like Rebecca died in 1637 before they left for the New World.  Their group arrived in North America on the Diligent in 1638.   The settlement that they founded was called Hingham, Massachusetts.

Joseph Sr. came to America with three sons and a daughter, as well as two men servants and three maid servants.  It looks like he was pretty well off, and the article talks about him being one of the most influential men of  Old Rehoboth.  It’s interesting to find information about ancestors from the early history of our country.  Since he was involved with such an historic time and was so prominent, there is a good bit of information about him.  So if you ever want to find out more about him, there is information to be found.

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