Mama at Bro Krumnow’s, making sandwiches for Christmas Eve 1958

“Mama at Bro Krumneau’s, making sandwiches for Christmas Eve 1958” was the label on this film. Shirley and Lauren helped me ID some of the people. We thought the first half looked like it was taken at Ruth’s house. Lawrence is in red.

In the second half, Brother Clarence B. Krumnow is in a suit. Addie Hine Bucklin sitting in a rocking chair. William Charles “Budda” Bruchhaus points at the Christmas tree with kid in front. And Charles Bruchhaus is the kid in the diaper.

Uvonne said she saw Uncle Rudolph and Aunt Laura in there.


Hula Hooping on the Farm

The films of great great grandmother are great, but this one from Aunt Ruth’s collection is lots of fun. A bunch of grown men trying to hula hoop.  Charles says this is at the Bruchhaus farm.  Behind Grandma and Grandpa’s house they had a Barbecue house.  He didn’t recognize any of the men.

To transfer these films to digital, I borrowed an old 8mm projector and a film transfer box from Jeannette Bucklin Jackson.  It is a box of mirrors that allows me to line up my digital camera and projector to record the projected image.  I always wanted to use software to clean them up and remove as much of the flickering as I could.  But I haven’t got around to it in over 10 years so when I found them again on my computer, I decided now was the time to start uploading them.  I did make a few quick attempts to reduce the flicker, but have not had good luck yet.

Thanks to Aunt Ruth for keeping so much family history stuff.

Happy Birthday!

Today is Leigh Ann Hebert’s birthday. So how about a film from her Great Great Grandmother’s birthday party? Addie May Hine Bucklin and the family celebrating her 83rd birthday in September 1959.  Happy Birthday!

Another old film for Leigh Ann’s birthday. The second half of this film is her dad, Charles Bruchhaus’ 5th birthday party. The first half is a livestock show that looks like it includes Uncle Roy and Jeannette and Doris Bucklin showing cattle.


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