Connors 8mm Home Movies

These are the old Connors family 8mm films that Carolyn had transferred to VHS years ago.  I did all I could to improve the picture quality, but VHS resolution is limited so it isn’t as sharp as the original films.  Leave a comment if you have any additions or corrections to the scene lists.  You can download and print the list here.  You can leave a comment on this blog without logging in.

1. 1951 Port Tobacco with Fr. Kelly and Carmelites
3. Carolyn 9 yrs old roller skating. Joe. Mary 3 ½ with mom.
4. 5/53 – 4542 43rd Place. Mary.
5. 5/53 – 4542 43rd Place. Mary, Joe, Annie, Ivy & Carolyn
6. ????? Mt. Carmel – Mom Sadie, Dad, Jane (doesn’t seem correct)
7. Pt Tobacco Pilgrimage 5/53 – Sadie, Carolyn, Joe. Mom & Dad
8. Fr Gregory; Mary Joe Anne at 43rd Place
9. 10/54 Dedication of New Chapel at Port Tobacco, Archbishop O’Boyle, Fr.Kelly
10. 5/55 May Procession – Joe & Carolyn
11. 5/55 May Procession – Joe & Carolyn
12. 7/23/61 Port Tobacco Pilgrimage – Grandma Fox, Joe, Mary, Claire, Rita, Jane, Mom & Dad
13. 10/23/61 – Port Tobacco Sunday (blurry)
14. 10/23/61 – Port Tobacco Sunday
15. Mom??? getting in car

1. Mary, Joe, Carolyn playing with ball and bat in yard
2. Carolyn??? Anne??? Mary and Joe inside 43rd place
3. Mom, Joe, _________ outside 43rd Place.
4. Mom, Joe, ________________________ Trinitarians
5. inside church at _____
6. Joe, ____, Mom, and ____ at Trinitarians farm
7. 1953 – Albert visiting at 43rd Place, Grandma Connors w/Joe, Claire baby w/Mary & Anne kissing her
8. Carolyn, Joe and friend playing baseball
9. Gorman’s & Louise & Dick
10. ________
11. Canna Club Picnic, Mary & Ann, Carolyn w/bathing, Joe & Anne, Dad with Mary Sherman & John Roeuane; Fr Moffitt
12. ________
13. ________
14. ________
15. 6/53 Dad & Mom-Mimi, Carol Ann, Margaret, Carolyn, Joe & Mary, Uncle Albert, Aunt Kate, Clem, Notre Dame Convent, Grandma Connors, Uncle Leo & Aunt Rita, Claire-7 months; Sister Helen Aloysius, Cousin Joe Connor
16. Joe 1st Communion, Claire, Anne, Mary, Mom, Mary Connor (Mr & Mrs. Francis Connor)
17. Joe 1st Communion
18. Joe 1st Communion
19. ________
20. Claire on the swing, Joe pushing her.
21. Brother Joseph, Joe, Mom, Mary, Carolyn, Anne
22. Claire eating an egg
23. May Procession, Grandma, Aunt Helen & Joe Manuli & Uncle Albert, Anne
24. _____ in front of Grandmothers’ house??????
25. ???? 1954 Mom & Dad, Carolyn, Joe, Mary, Anne Claire – At Missionary Servant Bros Hilary & Joseph
26. _____
27. _____
28. Easter 1955-Missionary Servants, Bro Joseph, Claire; Easter Eggs
29. At Rita’s christening, Joe & Claire around Rita’s crib
30. Carolyn & Claire, Joe flying his plane, Mary & Anne running around
31. 1960 – Tommy Crooks Beach, Jane 4 years. All kids except Frank.
32. Rita??? on swing. Cleaning up.

1. Mom & Dad in mainland, Queen Karl, Diamond Head. Hawaii trip
2. Hawaii trip – Polynesian
3. 1973 Tara. Rita getting Cardinal’s St Patrick award
4. 73?-Rita & Stanley training Mike, Jane
5. 1974 Rome Vatican
6. 7/74 Rome – Mom & Dad, Anne, Claire
7. Ordination w/Bishop Sullivan, Consecration Communion speech by provincial, 3 ordained; Uncle Albert & Connors Clan; ???? Aunt Kate & Clem, Leo, Albert, Cousins
8. St Mary’s church.
9. Anne???? at St Mary’s church garden. ___________ party ???
10. Uncle Albert’s 1st mass and our family
11. Jane playing basketball (#22), Claire in bleachers, cheerleaders

Patrick and Margaret Kenny

Patrick and Margaret Kenny 1200These are Patrick Kenny and Margaret Green, my great great grandparents in Ireland. Their daughter Mary Kate Kenny married Joseph Connors Sr.

Usually I hit a dead end when researching family before they arrived in America, but Ireland posted some old census records online.  From the info in Aunt Kate Connors (Clement)’s notes, I was able to find census records on the family. The 1901 Ireland Census lists them and 11 children in the family which gives ages so we can get approximate birth years.

Patrick Kenny was born about 1849 in Drimalagh, Castlerea, Rosscommon, Ireland. Aunt Kate’s notes say, his family “was well fixed.” His brother came to this country and helped build the Washington Monument. The brother returned to Ireland and invested money in cattle.

Margaret Green was born between 1849 and 1852 County Galway, Ireland.

The 1911 census lists Margaret as a widow, so we know Patrick died some time between 1901 and 1911. It also says she had 12 children. The eleven who appear in the censuses are:

Bridget, Patrick, Mary Kate, Francis, Maggie, Thomas, Michael, Selina/Sarah, Timothy, Edward, Annie.

Aunt Kate’s list of names matches pretty well and adds John who based on her list’s order, could have been in his early 20s when the 1901 census took place so may have been married or living on his own by then.

Bea, Patrick, John, Mary Kate, Frank, Maggie, Tom, Mike, Celina, Tim, Ned, Annie.

So far, I can’t get any further back on the Kenny side of the family. But on the Green side, Aunt Kate typed up what her mother, Mary Kate Kenny (Connors) could remember. Mary Kate had left Ireland when she was about 21 years old and may not have had a lot of contact with her siblings that stayed behind so all she had was a few names. She said there were 21 children, 15 of them lived. But we only know the name of the five girls that came to America, Mary Kate, Jennie, Rose, Bea, Sarah. And she listed one sister, Mamie, who stayed in Ireland.

The 1901 Census

The 1911 Census

Elizabeth Wilkins

Elizabeth WilkinsElizabeth Wilkins
Born 19 OCT 1863 in Berlin, Germany
Died 28 DEC 1925 in Newport, Campbell, Kentucky, USA

This is my great great grandmother on my dad’s side. Most of the old photos I have been posting for Throwback Thursday are on my mom’s side because I have more scanned photos of them.

Elizabeth came to the US with a married aunt around 1877. Her first husband died early (possibly heart attack). She married Joseph Schiefer in 1884. Their daughter Valley Johanna Schiefer [Fox] is Charlotte “Rita” Fox [Connors]’s mother.

Her children were:
Charles Schiefer (1888–1952)
Valley Johanna Schiefer (1892–1966)
(Austina Flora) Marie Schiefer (1894–1980)

According to her granddaughter, Rita, she had diabetes and it contributed to her death.

I Googled to see when the first treatments were available. I don’t know what type she had, but on January 11, 1922 insulin was first successfully used in the treatment of Type 1 diabetes. Before that, it was exceptional for people with Type 1 diabetes to live more than a year or two after diagnosis.