Seven Stanbrough Generations

4 Generations of Hine in 1959

Almost two years ago I posted a blog about a photo of four generations of the Hine family.  The photo includes my four older siblings in 1959 with my mother (Betty Lou Bucklin Landry), my maternal grandfather (Fred D. Bucklin), and my great grandmother (Addie May Hine Bucklin).  I have a tendency to show more photos of my own line of the family.  Of course I do!  I’m writing about my own family.  But I do sometimes share photos of relatives when the story moves me. 

Four generations of Hine circa1948

After I posted the photo of the four generations of the Hine family that included my siblings, I also posted another one that had my mom’s first cousin Helen Bucklin Taylor in it.   It has Addie, Ralph Bucklin, Helen Bucklin Taylor, and Ronnie Taylor in it.   I called them Hine family photos because the common name that they all shared was last name at birth of the oldest generation.  So even though there were four Landry children in the photo, the common ancestry they all shared was Hine. 

The other day I was looking through my old photos and came across a photo that has been posted before by cousin Joseph.  I realized that it was another four generation photo and it included three of the four family members from the 1948 four generation photo.  It’s pretty cool and it makes me a little jealous!  Addie was still alive when I was born, but I don’t have a photo of four generations that include me.  Poor Addie was probably not in a picture taking mood during her last month alive.  It looks like she barely tolerated photos being taken of her when she was a spry young thing!  And I’m thankful that nobody had the grand idea of having a postmortem version with Addie after the fact.

Four generations of Stanbrough in 1926

The common family members in this older family photo are Addie, Ralph, and Helen Bucklin.  The photo was taken in Elton, Louisiana, on Sunday, October 3, 1926.  I had to estimate the dates of the other photos, but this time I have an exact date.  That’s because the photo was taken at the birthday celebration of Susan G. Stanbrough Hine, my great great grandmother.  I like to call her Grandma Sue.  She is the one sitting in the chair in front of her progeny. 

This was the day of Grandma Sue’s 75th birthday and it was the 20th time she and her friend Edessa Jane “Jennie” Welton Havenar celebrated their shared birthday together.  Jennie was only 60 years old that year.  The newspaper clipping about the event said that over 100 people came together to celebrate their birthdays.  A lot of those people were family members.  It included both sides of my mom’s family before her parents were married.  Thankfully there were several photos taken to commemorate the event.

So now you know why this post is called The Four Stanbrough Generations.  It’s because the oldest generation of the group was born a Stanbrough.  She was born in 1851 to John Stanbrough and Lydia Mills Stanbrough.  I don’t know of any photos of those  two, even though they did live into the age of photography.  There is still a glimmer of hope.   We don’t have a  photo of my mom with Grandma Sue, because she died almost two months before my mom was born.

Someone just reminded me that I didn’t call this post “The Four Stanbrough Generations” and that only five generations in total have been shown.  That’s right.  I’m sure most of you caught that.  So with the 1948 and 1926 photos, it covers five generations of Stanbrough – Sue Stanbrough Hine, Addie Hine Bucklin, Ralph Bucklin, Helen Bucklin Taylor, and Ronnie Taylor.  The 1959 photo has the same number of generations but it includes Sue, Addie, Fred Bucklin, Betty Bucklin Landry, and Jodie, Rob, Karen, and Al Landry.  So you might be thinking that I titled my post incorrectly.  As my mother always told me when I spoke too soon, “Fools and children shouldn’t see things unfinished.”  This is not meant to insult you, but to encourage you to wait until the end to see everything.  Funny how I always felt a little insulted by it.  But that’s just me.

Four generations of Stanbrough descendants in 2008 in Jennings, Louisiana.

The reason I called it The Seven Stanbrough Generations is because all along I planned on posting one more photo of four generations.  I have not used this photo before, but I did use another one taken the same day .  Instead of going back further a generation (nearly impossible since I’ve already said that I don’t know of any photos of Grandma Sue’s parents), this one is much more recent.  It is a four generation photo and this time it is a followup of the 1959 photo.  It has my mom – Betty Lou, my sister Karen, Karen’s son James, and James’s daughter Kelcie.  I took this photo on November 27, 2008, at my parents’ house on Lucy Street in Jennings, Louisiana.

So there it is – seven generations of the Stanbrough family – Sue, Addie, Fred and Ralph, Betty and Helen, Jodie and Rob and Karen and Al, James, and Kelcie – shown in four photos across 82 years of time.

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