The Old Family Store in Plaquemine

Store in Plaquemine that was partly owned by Vincent Maximilian Patureau and Magloire Babin in 1904I really like this old family photo from 1904. My grandmother ‘Mee Maw’ (Germaine Erie Patureau) is a girl of 9 years old standing on the ground in a white dress next to one of the columns. Her father (Vincent Maximilian Patureau) is standing at the tail end of the horse. Her grandmother (Marie Amelie “Belite” Bujol Landry Babin) is standing on the porch behind her and to the left.   Belite’s husband Magloire Babin is the man sitting on the steps

Per Thomas Landry’s book about Trasimond Landry: “According to Mrs. Naomi Landry Vincent, grandchild of Trasimond’s widow (Amelie Belite Landry) and Pierre Magloire Babin, her grandparents in 1904 bought one third interest in a lot, along with buildings and improvements thereon, on the south side of Bayou Plaquemine at Patureauville for $275. In the building located on the lot, Pierre Magloire Babin and Dr. Maximilian Patureau, one of the other owners, operated a general merchandise store until 1913.”

2016 UPDATE:

1904 Patureau Family Crescent Cropped LoResBWWhen I got a collection of photos and slides from my dad in January, I found this cropped version of the photo.  I was disappointed at first because the face of my grandmother (on the far right of this photo) was covered by the slide mount.

But since I had dealt with slides before, I knew that sometimes the edge of the cardboard covers up a bit of the slide.  So I carefully peeled away some of the cardboard along the edge and sure enough, my grandmother’s face emerged!  Not the whole face, but a good majority of it.  And the details in the slide were much better than any of the previous versions that I had of this photo.  (The top photo was replaced with a newer, more detailed version.)  Now I’m on the lookout for a full version with the same amount of detail in this crop.

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