Go Go Patureau – To Mexico!

Last week I posted a photo of Phenice Family relatives in Nebraska.  In the course of the post that I wrote, I mentioned that I had wondered if my Phenice grandmother (Myrtle Phenice Bucklin, mother of my mom Betty Lou Bucklin Landry) had ever been there.  It seems not.

According to my aunt, Grandma never went to Kansas nor Nebraska.  And she never really traveled much at all.  I had discovered from a previous post that Grandpa (her husband Fred Bucklin) had done more traveling than I had realized.  While Grandma and the family (including my mom, little Betty Lou who was too poor to have a “real” store-bought doll) stayed at home in Hathaway, Grandpa went to a spa vacation in Hot Springs, Arkansas, every summer.  While that is not terribly far to go on a vacation, he was still traveling more than Grandma.

Germaine Erie Patureau Landry on her way to Mexico.

But it was not nearly as much as my other grandmother liked to travel.  She was known for enjoying being on the move.  (Kinda like Jacko.)  So this week I’m posting this photo of Mee Maw (Germaine Erie Patureau Landry, the mother of my dad Robert Joseph “Bob” Landry, Jr.) when she was getting ready to go to Mexico.

To me, she seems very excited to be on the way to the land of her father’s birth.  (Though he was born in Mexico, he was of French and Acadian heritage.)  She loved to travel and would go with family most of the time.  My mom always referred to her as a “Go, go, Patureau.”  I’m not sure if my mom made up that moniker, but I always liked it.

Sisters Erie, Sylvia, and Lorena traveled with Sylvia’s son Rhett.

From the look of the second photo, this was a trip with family members.  That’s my Mee Maw on the far left checking to make sure that she wasn’t shortchanged by the money transfer.  Next to her is her younger sister Sylvia Patureau Marionneaux with her son Rhett.  On the right is Lorena Patureau Cary.  They all look excited about all the money that they received in the exchange.  I wonder who took the photo?  Was there another family member on the trip?

I got this photo from Rhett’s son Wade over a year ago and appreciated seeing this old photo of my grandmother enjoying herself.  She loved traveling and being with family, so this was the best of both worlds for her.  That makes me smile.

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