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Uncle Ray Bucklin sent me this.  Ray is the one that got us into genealogical DNA testing.  Through 23andMe, he discovered our long lost 2nd cousin Van.  He wasn’t really that lost, we just didn’t know he was into genealogy and old photos too.  We have also discovered a bunch of other distant relatives and found some valuable information to build our family tree.

We are related to Barack Obama through Sir Thomas John Whittington born 1488 in Pauntley, Solers, Gloucestershire, England.  If you trace your family back far enough there is a good chance you can find a common ancestor somewhere.

Barack Obama is descended from Thomas John Whittington’s daughter Margaret Whittington Thockmorton.  We are descended from Thomas’ son Alexander Whittington on the Koll side.  We are also descended from Thomas’ daughter Jane through the Bucklins.

Louise and Ray are Barack Obama’s 15th cousins once removed through the Bucklins.  Joseph, John and Van are his 16th cousins.

Louise and Ray are Barack Obama’s double 13th cousins three times removed through the Kolls. Joseph and John are double 14th cousins twice removed.  We are descended twice from John Whittington 1698.  The question on the Whittington stuff is listing Edward as Grief’s father.  But the numbers work out whichever Whittington was his father in that generation.

Barack Obama is 18th on the list, so if Thomas John Whittington is 14 generations back for me, Louise and I are somewhere around being 14th cousins 3 times removed and Joseph and John are around 15th cousins 2 times removed.


Great Great Grandchildren
Great Great Great Grandchildren
President Barack H. Obama, Jr 1960
Great Great Grandchildren
Stanley Ann Dunham Obama 1942
Bucklin Children
Great Grandchildren
Stanley Armour Dunham 1918
Addie Hine 1876
Ruth Lucille Armour Dunham 1900
Susan Stanbrough Hine 1851
Koll Children
Gabrielia Clark Armour 1876
John Stanbrough 1820
Ada May Whittington 1881
Susan Overal Clark 1849
Evan Stanbrough 1790
Thomas Whittington 1857
George Washington Overal 1820
Solomon Stanbrough 1766
Elisha Whittington 1804
Anne Browning Overall 1780
Nehemiah Stanbrough 1736
Grief Whittington 1762
Susannah Hickman Browning 1745
Josiah Stanbrough 1685
Edward Whittington 1726
James Hickman ??
John Stanbrough 1665
John Whittington 1698
Edwin Hickman 1690
Sarah James Stanbrough 1648
Smart Whittington 1676
Martha Thacker Hickman 1667
Thomas James 1627
William Whittington 1649
Eltonhead Conway Thacker 1646
John Jones 1591
William Whittington 1616
Edwin Conway 1610
Elizabeth Jones Morgan 1572
John Whittington 1578
Dorothy Ann Tracy Conway 1563
Elizabeth Bodenham Morgan 1538
Richard Whittington 1541
Ann Throckmorton Tracy 1546
Jane Whittington Bodenham 1518
Alexander Whittington 1511
Margaret Whittington Throckmorton 1518
Thomas John Whttington 1488
Thomas John Whttington 1488
Thomas John Whttington 1488

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