Koll Women

On our recent trip to the farm, I was able to scan some old photo albums thanks to Ada and Effie Whittington. This was an interesting photo found in Effie’s collection. My Great Grandmother Ada May Whittington Koll seems younger than most photos I remember seeing her in. Based on the age of the baby, I guess the photo was taken around 1930. That makes Ada about 50 here. I know I have seen a few younger photos, but there certainly are more of her in her later years so that is how I think of her.

On the left is Rosa Andrea Briggs Koll (1886-1976) holding her step-daughter Shirley Mae Koll (1928–1990). She was the second wife of Edward Henry Koll (1899–1983).

In the center is Ada May Whittington Koll (1881-1963) next to her sister-in-law, Maria Dora Koll Compton (1886-1958). And in the background is my Great Grandfather, Ada’s husband, John Rudolph Koll (1884–1965).

Let me know if I got any of this wrong.

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