The Keys Sisters – Part 1

1890s -Ruth Mabel and Daisy Keys Clarity Portrait Drama

Ruth, Daisy, and Mabel Keys circa 1894

This is a photo of the Keys sisters. Ruth and Mabel standing in the back, and my great grandmother Daisy Keys Phenice sitting in the front. My aunt Loris sent me a scan of this photo after reading a comment on a photo I posted on Facebook. I like that. We can all share some of the great treasures we have and still be able to keep the ones we have. I’m thinking this photo is from around 1894. Their respective ages would be 15, 12, and 18. They had seventeen children among them and one of them, Martha Bryan Boose is still alive. There are many descendants of these three and their two brothers.

I am one of those descendants.  The oldest daughter Daisy married Harry Clifton Phenice in 1900 and they had seven children together.  Their second daughter was named Myrtle Sylvia and she married Fred D Bucklin in 1930. They had five children together, including my mom Betty Lou Bucklin Landry.

Keys Sisters – Part 2



Update: In this original post I stated that Martha Boose was still alive. She was the last living grandchild of Martha Cook Keys, but now Martha’s Grandkids Are Gone.

Grace Through the Ages

When we were young, we used to enjoy visiting Grandma Bucklin when her sisters Grace and Marguerite were there. We called them “Aunt Grace” and “Aunt Marguerite” even though they were great aunts or grand aunts. But when I came across this picture, it really made me think. Even though she was Aunt Grace, she was still an old woman. Boy that sounds harsh, but compared to a little boy, she was old.

Grace and Ray Sowder in 1930

Grace and Ray Sowder in 1930

This gives me a different view of her, which I like. The photo is of Grace and her husband Ray Sowder in 1930 when they were newlyweds.

Another reason I posted this is because of my genealogy pursuits, which includes a website called I thought it sounded kind of weird at first, but it is free and it is extremely helpful. I’ve connected memorials of many family members with this site, including Grandma and all of her siblings – except Grace. So does anyone know where she’s buried? Or does anyone have a photo of her headstone? I’d like to make a memorial for her and connect her with her siblings.

169 years ago

1900 - George Hine

George Henry Hine circa 1900

169 years ago today, my great great grandfather George Henry Hine was born in Hamilton County, Indiana (Nov. 27, 1846). He married Susan Stanbrough in 1873, and their first child, a daughter, Addie Mae Hine (my great grandmother) was born 3 years later. She was followed by five brothers (all of those Hines in Jennings). The family moved to southern Louisiana in 1894 and lived in the Hathaway area. He died on May 3, 1919 and was buried at the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in China, Louisiana.


I can’t wait til Thursday to post this. I’m too excited about these old photos that I rediscovered, and everyone will be busy on Thanksgiving.

1910 - Samuel Charles and Catherine Jane Foster Phenice

Samuel Charles Phenice and his wife Catherine Jane Foster

This is as far back as we can go with photos of the Phenice line, unless someone has a photo of Daniel Phenice (1809-1880). These are the parents of Harry Clifton Phenice. Samuel Charles Phenice was born in Mercer County, Pennyslvania, on April 19, 1844, and died in Precept, Nebraska on Sept. 15, 1939.  Catherine Jane Foster was born in Mercer County, Pennsylvania, on Sept. 16, 1848, and died in Beaver City, Nebraska, on Jan. 7, 1921.  Don’t their faces have a lot of character! 

1939 - Phenice Samuel Charles Newspaper article about Lincoln Assassination


One of the earliest stories I remember hearing about the family was that my ancestor had been present at the assassination of President Lincoln.The family has this newspaper article that talks about the events, but I would still like to find out a bit more.  Surely they interviewed everyone at that time and kept transcriptions of what was said.  I’d like to see that if it is out there somewhere.  I’ve looked and I will keep looking.

That was always a really interesting thing to be witness to.  Another interesting thing to note is that both newspaper articles are about tragedies.  Which is what led to the title of this post.  I was looking for something that started with ph- and was appropriate.  Phlegmatic is an interesting word.  I had to look it up, but it fit this couple just right.


Jan. 1921 obituary for Catherine Jane Foster Phenice has many details about her life.

Another story that I remember from my childhood.  It was always a lesson about not running if your clothes catch fire.  It is a very sad and touching story.  It also is invaluable in all of the details about her life that are provided.


Phenice and Keys United

1900-Daisy Keys, Emma, May, HC and Ed Phenice

March 1906 – Daisy Keys, Lola Myrtle Phenice and Emma Orra Phenice in the back. In the front is Harry Clifton Phenice and James Edmund “Edd” Phenice. The four Phenice individuals are siblings.

These people would never have dreamed that their photo would be posted on an electronic device that would be available for all to see.

The photo includes the parents of my grandmother Myrtle Sylvia Phenice Bucklin. Daisy Keys Phenice is the one standing on the left. She was married to Harry Clifton Phenice who is sitting in front of her.  The ages of the people suggest that the photo was taken sometime around 1905-1910.  It was probably taken in March 1906 when Daisy and H. C. went up to Precept, Nebraska, for the wedding of his younger sister Myrtle. (See Visits in the Past)

The others in the photo are H. C.’s sisters Myrtle and Emma (a witness at the 1906 wedding) and their brother Edd. Some of this information was on the back of the photo. Myrtle Phenice was older than Emma Phenice, but in this picture the one in the middle looks younger.  After comparing this photo to other photos that were personally labeled by Emma Phenice Quillen, I think the names are correct.

July 20, 2018 Update

When I originally posted this photo, I thought it was probably from around 1900.  That would have been closer to Daisy and H. C.’s wedding date.  That would have been too early, though.  There’s no way that Emma was only 11 years old in this photo.  When I found Myrtle’s wedding record from 1906 and it showed Daisy as a witness, I changed the date for the photo.  It was likely taken just before the wedding.

I also had the names incorrect for the sisters.  I had no name for the brother.  My mom wrote the names on the back of the photo as Daisy, Emma, and May. (Though it looks more like my handwriting from years back.  I probably asked her about it and that was her best guess.)  Then I got in contact with Emma’s granddaughter Mona Quillen and she recognized her grandmother as the sister on the right.

If the name May was correct, then that meant that the girl in the middle was 20 years older than Emma.  Anna May Phenice was born in 1869 and Emma was born in 1889.  That couldn’t be right.  Then Mona sent me copies of several photos of her grandmother and her siblings.  And best of all, she had written names on the photos.  What a treasure that is!  After looking through them and editing them, I was able to recognize which sister was which.  So now I think I’ve got them straightened out.

Myrtle Sylvia Phenice Bucklin ca. 1945

1945ish - MyrtleSylviaPheniceBucklin Edit

Found this old photo of Grandma (Myrtle Sylvia Phenice Bucklin) and I really like it. So I scanned it and edited out the scratches and age spots. (On the photo, not on her!) I think it came out really nice.

It’s amazing how traits are passed down to children and grandchildren. I never really noticed a resemblance in my cousins and my grandmother. But when I started working on this photo, I really zoom in close to different features. And when I spent time looking at those features, they would remind me of many of my cousins. We are a product of our ancestors.

Patricia Ann “Pie” Marionneaux (Stassi) Nelson

Had a nice visit with some extended family yesterday, even though it was for the funeral of my cousin/FB friend Pat Nelson. She was my dad’s first cousin and I hadn’t met many of that part of the family before. But we’re in southern Louisiana and we’re Cajun, so I decided to got to the funeral and I hoped I’d feel welcome and I did.

2015-08-18(02)Pienel FuneralR

Enjoyed seeing a photo of my grandmother and her sisters that I hadn’t seen before. Here are the Patureau sisters from June of 1953. Sister Emma was being recognized for writing a book on the history of Duson. Starting with oldest on the left – Emma, Lydwin, Erie (my Mee Maw), Lorena, Zita, and Sylvie.

Hine Havenar Twentieth Annual Double Birthday Celebration

Susan G. Stanbrough Hine (75) and Mrs. W. E. Havenar (60)’s Twentieth Annual Double Birthday Celebration October 3, 1926. Taken at William E. Havenar’s home. If you are friends with any Hine, Stanbrough, Bucklin, Phenice, Keys, or Havenar descendants on please share this with them.  If you can help with the names, leave a comment.

The first photo I found of this celebration was at Ruth Bucklin Bruchhaus’ home in a frame and had the date written on the back.  Since then, we have found more shots from the get together as well as a newspaper article. You can click each photo and the article to make them bigger. If the newspaper isn’t large enough to read on your screen, it has been retyped in the first comment below. I posted negatives and another print from this celebration, here.

Hine Havenar 1926 numbers Hine Havenar 1926 framed Hine Havenar 1926 another photographer Hine Havenar 1926 newspaper article
1. Walter (Mutt) Havenar [E] [S] [J]
2. Myrtle Phenice ?? [E] [J]
3. Jesse Havenar [S]
5. Robert Bucklin [E] Robert Compton [J]
6. Mrs. Walter Havenar (deaf) [J] [E] [S]
7. Clarence Bucklin ?? [E]
8. Henry Phenice [E] [S]
9. Pewee, brother of #68 [J] Marvin Keys [ ]
10. Grm. Havenar/Taylor [E] Edessa Jane Havenar [S] Havenar [ ]
11. Leone Johnson Bucklin [E]
12. Helen Bucklin Taylor [J] [D]
13. Ralph Bucklin [J]
14. Herbert Bucklin [J] [E] [L] [S]
16. Orville Phenice or Johnny Williams [J]
17. Marvin Keys [E] [S]
20. Seidel Keys [S]
21. Myfawny’s little brother ?? [ ]
22. Leonard Keys [S]
23. Methodist Preacher [S] Lloyds
26. Clarence Bucklin [E] [J] Clarence/Fred [ ]
27. Earl M. Brown [E] [J] [S] [D]
31. Orville Phenice ?? [ ]
32. Elvin Walton or Seidel Keys (Marvin’s bro.) [E] Steve Havenar [E]
33. Warren Phenice [ ]
35. Myrtle Phenice
38. Alta Hine [E] [S]
42. Williams/Iva Brown [ ]
43. Audry Hine [E] [S]
44. Warren Phenice [E]
45. Harry Phenice [E] [S]
48. Daisy Keys Phenice (Sylvan’s mom) [E] Edessa Havenar Keys [S]
49. Edna Bucklin [E] [S]
51. Edward Keys [S]
52. Sylvan Phenice (wore that style hat that year) [E]
54. Mary Bucklin [E]
55. Kenneth Wayne Hine [E] Kenneth Ayclif Hine [D]
58. Leta Hine (Bert Hine’s daughter) [E] [S]
61. Wanda Hine (bro. #55) [E] not Wanda [D]
64. Bertha Koll [E]
65. Ruth Bucklin [E]
66. Marguerite Phenice [E]
68. Myfanwy Williams [E]
70. Wanda Hine [S]
71. Shirley Havenar [S]
72. Dorinda Thomas Hine [D] [E]
74. Grandma Thomas [ ]
75. Phenice girl [E]
76. Grandma Havenar or Taylor [E]
77. Grandma Havenar or Taylor [E] Mrs. Taylor [S] Taylor [ ]
78. Edith Keys [S]
82. Jim Hine [E] [S]
83. Darlene Hine [ ] [S]
85. George Hine [E] [D]
86. Susan Stanbrough Hine [E] [S] [D]

Identification Key:

[D] = Darlene Hine Landry
[E] = Edna Bucklin Keys
[J] = John Compton
[S] = Edith Seagraves
[ ] = Don’t know

William E. and Edessa Jane Havenar were Edith Keys Seagraves’ grandparents. [S]

George O. Hine and Friends

George Hine and FriendsTaken around 1902.

Edessa Havenar, George O. Hine, Lucille Ritter, and Harry Harbert are then names of the subjects given on the photo.

Edessa was the daughter of Jennie (Mrs. W. E.) Havenar who was the subject of the Birthday Celebration from 1926.  She married Leonard Keys in 1907 and they had five children, including Edith Keys Segraves, the famed family historian.

George O., better known as Ollie, was a bachelor for most of his life.  I guess he waited until the right one came along.

Lois Lucille Ritter, who I like to call Lucy, married Edessa Havenar’s brother Don Elting Havenar in 1909.  They had three children who were teenagers at the time of the birthday celebration.  Lucy is labeled as “Lucille Havenar” in the birthday post.

Harry is part of a family that came from Illinois. If you looked at the newspaper clipping for the birthday post, you will see a few Harberts named. Harry is the brother to the J. Frank Harbert listed there.  There is more information about the Harbert family here.

July 4, 2017 update by Van

I’ve recently come across more information about the people in this photo.  Come to find out, Edessa and Ollie were an item at the time this photo was taken.  I always thought they looked like two couples, but didn’t want to imply anything that wasn’t based on anything but a hunch.

1902 photo of Edessa Havenar, Ollie Hine, Lucy Ritter, and Harry Harbert.

1902 photo of Edessa Havenar, Ollie Hine, Lucy Ritter, and Harry Harbert.

I was corresponding with a 2nd cousin of my mom’s through the Keys family.  I descend from Daisy Keys and she descends from Daisy’s older brother Leonard (she is the daughter of Edith Keys Segraves spoken about in the original posting).  When I showed her this edited photo, she asked me if Ollie had married late in life or after his mother died.

This puzzled me.  I asked her how she knew that.  She said that her grandmother Edessa had dated a guy when she was younger but broke up with him because he was such a mama’s boy.  She had to have been talking about Ollie who lived with his mom until she died.  I think it was only after she died that he got married.

Raymond School in 1902 with teacher Mabel Keys

Then my cousin brought me some old photos to scan and she had one of the Raymond School that dated from 1902.  The school was taught by Daisy’s younger sister Mabel and these four characters were her students.  I believe Mabel is standing in the middle of the photo with a dark dress and a white collar.  The tallest guy in the class is standing just behind her.  See if you can make out the four from the other photo.   If you want to try without the hint, look now.  I recognized them, but then I noticed that they were wearing the same clothes and they were in front of the same building as in the original photo.  So it looks like the photos were taken in 1902.



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