Marie Therese Landry Patureau

You have to be careful when you talk about my father’s maternal grandmother.  Not that she’ll get mad at you or anything, it’s just that the name Marie Therese is very popular in our family.  Not only did my great grandmother have the name, but so did my dad’s sister (Aunt Marie), one of his first cousins (Sis – thanks again for providing this new and improved photo of your namesake!), and one of my second cousins (Therese).  And there are a few other more distant cousins with the same name too.

Marie Therese Landry circa 1888.  She was the mother of my Mee Maw.

This Marie Therese was born in 1868 to Trasimond Landry and his wife Marie Amelie “Belite” Bujol Landry in Brusly, Louisiana.  She was the first child born to that union.  According to the book “The Tirailleurs”, Trasimond and Belite began courting during the Civil War.  I guess you can call it courting even though he was fighting in a war.  They saw each other on an occasional leave and then corresponded by letters.  Belite was one of four beautiful daughters of widow Bujol, and Trasimond was particularly partial to her tender charms.

Trasimond and Belite were married after the war on Nov. 30, 1867.  Ten months later came along our little Marie Therese.  Over the next eight years two sisters and two brothers joined her.  They lived on a farm at first, but then Trasimond gave up farming and became a teacher and took on some minor roles in politics.  He died when Marie Therese was only eleven years old, so I’m sure she helped her mother out with the younger children.  Belite married Magloire Babin in 1880, which led to two younger half-sisters for Marie Therese.  I don’t have much more information about the next few years.

I do know that Marie Therese married Vincent Maximilian Patureau on Oct. 10, 1888, in Brusly, but afterwards they were living in Plaquemine on Patureau Lane.  I don’t know how they met, but it was probably through the family.  They were cousins after all!  Hey, if her parents did it, why not her?  It was the custom back then.  Ten months after they were married, Marie Therese and Max welcomed their first child into the world.  They went on to have many more children – and lose a few – until our Marie Therese died on October 4, 1909, at the young age of 41.  The anniversary is just a few days off.  So think about her on her anniversary, whether your name is Marie Therese or not!

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