The Bujol Connection

1915-Amelie Bujol Landry Babin

Marie Amelie “Belite” Bujol Landry Babin circa 1915

My paternal grandmother’s maternal grandmother was born Marie Amelie Bujol in 1843 in Brusly, Louisiana. Her parents were Joseph Hubert “Amedee” Bujol (b. 1815) and Anna Adele Landry (b. 1817). At some point she started going by the nickname Belite (rhymes with petite). In 1867 she was married to Confederate Civil War hero Trasimond Landry, who was her mother’s half first cousin.

Trasimond and Belite had five children together in their first nine years of marriage. I descend from their first born child Marie Therese.  Trasimond died of yellow fever in 1879. Belite then married Magloire Babin in 1880 and they had three daughters together.  The first daughter was born in 1880 (according to 1880 Census) and must not have lived very long.

They lived in Plaquemine and then moved to Lafayette some time before 1910.  She lived close to her daughter Clemence and her family.  A few years later her deceased daughter Marie Therese Landry Patureau’s family moved nearby as well.  Family seemed important to her.  She looks like a hard, no nonsense woman. Some of that could be that she experienced the death of both of her husbands and also went through the deaths of six of her eight children. So let’s give Belite a nod of respect. I think she earned it.

Dec. 2020 Update – adjusted the number of children that she had with Magloire Babin.

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