More Hine Havenar Twentieth Annual Double Birthday Celebration

Susan G. Stanbrough Hine (75) and Mrs. W. E. Havenar (60)’s Twentieth Annual Double Birthday Celebration October 3, 1926. Taken at William E. Havenar’s home.

I found a package of five negatives from the celebration. This includes a third version of the large group photo and smaller groups with Addie Hine Bucklin who missed the big group photo. Van also found a print from another photographer of this smaller group.

You can see the other versions of the group shot, read the newspaper article, and find many of the names here.

1926 negatives Addie, Susan, Ralph
Addie, Susan Hine, Ralph, Helen in front
Hine Bucklin Group
Bucklins and Hines
Hine Havenar Birthday 1926
Large group photo
Hine Bucklin Group
Found another print
____ Bucklin
___ Bucklin (Herbert didn’t have bow tie)
Henry Phenice
____ and Henry Phenice

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