Hine Havenar Twentieth Annual Double Birthday Celebration

Susan G. Stanbrough Hine (75) and Mrs. W. E. Havenar (60)’s Twentieth Annual Double Birthday Celebration October 3, 1926. Taken at William E. Havenar’s home. If you are friends with any Hine, Stanbrough, Bucklin, Phenice, Keys, or Havenar descendants on please share this with them.  If you can help with the names, leave a comment.

The first photo I found of this celebration was at Ruth Bucklin Bruchhaus’ home in a frame and had the date written on the back.  Since then, we have found more shots from the get together as well as a newspaper article. You can click each photo and the article to make them bigger. If the newspaper isn’t large enough to read on your screen, it has been retyped in the first comment below. I posted negatives and another print from this celebration, here.

Hine Havenar 1926 numbers Hine Havenar 1926 framed Hine Havenar 1926 another photographer Hine Havenar 1926 newspaper article
1. Walter (Mutt) Havenar [E] [S] [J]
2. Myrtle Phenice ?? [E] [J]
3. Jesse Havenar [S]
5. Robert Bucklin [E] Robert Compton [J]
6. Mrs. Walter Havenar (deaf) [J] [E] [S]
7. Clarence Bucklin ?? [E]
8. Henry Phenice [E] [S]
9. Pewee, brother of #68 [J] Marvin Keys [ ]
10. Grm. Havenar/Taylor [E] Edessa Jane Havenar [S] Havenar [ ]
11. Leone Johnson Bucklin [E]
12. Helen Bucklin Taylor [J] [D]
13. Ralph Bucklin [J]
14. Herbert Bucklin [J] [E] [L] [S]
16. Orville Phenice or Johnny Williams [J]
17. Marvin Keys [E] [S]
20. Seidel Keys [S]
21. Myfawny’s little brother ?? [ ]
22. Leonard Keys [S]
23. Methodist Preacher [S] Lloyds
26. Clarence Bucklin [E] [J] Clarence/Fred [ ]
27. Earl M. Brown [E] [J] [S] [D]
31. Orville Phenice ?? [ ]
32. Elvin Walton or Seidel Keys (Marvin’s bro.) [E] Steve Havenar [E]
33. Warren Phenice [ ]
35. Myrtle Phenice
38. Alta Hine [E] [S]
42. Williams/Iva Brown [ ]
43. Audry Hine [E] [S]
44. Warren Phenice [E]
45. Harry Phenice [E] [S]
48. Daisy Keys Phenice (Sylvan’s mom) [E] Edessa Havenar Keys [S]
49. Edna Bucklin [E] [S]
51. Edward Keys [S]
52. Sylvan Phenice (wore that style hat that year) [E]
54. Mary Bucklin [E]
55. Kenneth Wayne Hine [E] Kenneth Ayclif Hine [D]
58. Leta Hine (Bert Hine’s daughter) [E] [S]
61. Wanda Hine (bro. #55) [E] not Wanda [D]
64. Bertha Koll [E]
65. Ruth Bucklin [E]
66. Marguerite Phenice [E]
68. Myfanwy Williams [E]
70. Wanda Hine [S]
71. Shirley Havenar [S]
72. Dorinda Thomas Hine [D] [E]
74. Grandma Thomas [ ]
75. Phenice girl [E]
76. Grandma Havenar or Taylor [E]
77. Grandma Havenar or Taylor [E] Mrs. Taylor [S] Taylor [ ]
78. Edith Keys [S]
82. Jim Hine [E] [S]
83. Darlene Hine [ ] [S]
85. George Hine [E] [D]
86. Susan Stanbrough Hine [E] [S] [D]

Identification Key:

[D] = Darlene Hine Landry
[E] = Edna Bucklin Keys
[J] = John Compton
[S] = Edith Seagraves
[ ] = Don’t know

William E. and Edessa Jane Havenar were Edith Keys Seagraves’ grandparents. [S]


  • Twentieth Annual Double Celebration of Birthdays

    Just twenty years ago Mrs. Susan G. Hine and Mrs. W. E. Havenar decided to celebrate their births together, Oct. 3 being their birthday. Their children with the immediate friends of both families, were asked to take a part to make a joyful time. Suffice it to say the first meeting was such an enjoyable affair that it became an annual occurrence, increasing in numbers and in interest for each event has been very much enjoyed by all attending.

    Saturday, Oct. 3, 1926, seems to have been the climax to all of these festivals for more than one hundred people, met at the home of Mrs. W. E. Havenar, for this twentieth reunion. Baskets were brought by each family represented and one of the best dinners was spread that could have been. The sumptuous dinner was served A-la-Cafeteria.

    After a line-up for the dinner, Rev. Luther Lyons of Kinder addressed the people most appropriately, concluding by giving thanks to God for the blessings so bountifully given and for the preservation of the two good mothers whose anniversaries were being honored.

    ______ as if they were appointed a committee of one to see that no portion of the good food was left or wasted, every capacity was filled, however limitless it may have appeared, and the most fastidious appetites satisfactorily supplied.

    Many beautiful presents were given the honorees by their children and the visiting friends. Presents of silverware, china, scarfs, linens, needle-craft, etc.

    Mrs. Hine and Mrs. Havenar have lived in the Raymond community for more than twenty-five years. The guests were all, at some time, old friends and neighbors, but came from other towns or communities: Jennings, Lake Charles, Elton, Kinder, Gueydan and Raymond.

    Mrs. Susan G. Hine was born in Hamilton county, Indiana, seventy-five years ago; was married to George Hine in 1873; they with their family came to Louisiana in 1894 where Mrs. Hine has lived since then, not returning for even a visit to her native state. After the death of Mr. Hine which occurred several years ago, Mrs. Hine continued to live with her bachelor son, G. O. Hine, better known as Ollie. Mrs. Hine has one daughter and four sons living, nineteen grandchildren and one great grandchild. Grandma Hine, except for some little ailments, has good health and attends to all her house-hold duties.

    Mrs. W. E. Havenar was born in Macon county, Illinois, in 1866; was married to W. E. Havenar nearly forty years ago. They moved to Louisiana in 1900, living for a short time in Prairie Hayes, then moved to their present home east of the Raymond church. Mrs. Havenar made an extended auto tour last year to her old home in Illinois and to other points in the middle west. She has one daughter and four sons, nine grandchildren. Two sons were not present to make merry with their mother and friends. They are D. E. Havenar of Houston, Texas, and G. D. Havenar of Albert Lea, Minnesota.

    The following were present:

    Mrs. Susan G. Hine, Mrs. W. E. Havenar, Mr. and Mrs. G. N. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Bert Hine, Leta Hine, Wanda Hine, Harold Hine, Mr. and Mrs. Luther Lyons, Velma Lee Lyons, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hine, J. I. Havenar, Claudia B. Stokes, Nettie Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Havenar, Lucille Havenar, Marguerite Phenice, Annie Lou Stokes, Mary Bucklin, Robt. Bucklin, Orville Phenice, Marvin Keys, Byron B. Harbert, Henry Phenice, Clarence Bucklin, Edna Bucklin, Audry Hine, Walton Havenar, Seidel Keys, Warren Phenice, Herbert Bucklin, Arthur Hine, Sylvan Phenice, Fred Bucklin, Alta Hine, Arthur Harbert, Harold Havenar, Henry Brown, Bertha Koll, Myfanwy Williams, William Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bucklin, Helen Bucklin, Mr. and Mrs. J. Frank Harbert, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Phenice, Edith Keys, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Walton, Elwin Walton, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Thomas, Darlene Hine, Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Gray, Addie Bucklin, Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Williams, Mary E. Taylor, Roy Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Stokes, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Keys, G. O. Hine, H. W. Smith, Mr. And Mrs. I. W. Huebner, Mr. and Mrs. Lon Hine, J. W. Ritter, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Patridge, Winnefred Havenar, Shirley Havenar, E. M. Brown, Ruth Bucklin, Edward Keys, Wilbur Stokes, Edna Hoffpauir, Irene Taylor, Kenneth Hine, Roy Bucklin, John Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Morton, Roy A. Morton, Ruth Morton, Lee Bucklin, Ivy G. Brown, W. E. Havenar, Art Harbert, R. G. Ritter, Sidney Havenar, and Robert Morton.

  • Joseph, I’m not sure if that is Daddy or Uncle Fred. They were born in 1907 so they were 19 in this picture. Thanks for sharing.

  • I don’t think Myrtle Phenice (my grandmother) is number 2 nor number 35. I would say that she is number 56. She would be almost 20 yo in this photo and number 2 is much older than that. In the second photo the face of number 56 can be seen better and it looks like her.

    Carla I don’t know if you realized it, but I am Fred’s grandson – Betty Lou’s son Van. I tagged one of the people as Fred/Clarence because there’s no way to tell at this point!

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