Bucklin Burials: Part 2

Van Landry (author) with the grave of his great great grandfather James A. Bucklin in the Raymond Methodist Cemetery on Nov. 6, 2021.

This is Part 2 of a post that I wrote two years ago.  I wrote that one because I had acquired a photo of my great grandfather’s (Louis Charles Bucklin’s) burial at Raymond Methodist Cemetery in Raymond, Louisiana.  It also showed the original look of his father James A. Bucklin’s grave.  In the selfie I took with that grave this past weekend, there is no obelisk sitting on top of the base.

But that’s not why I was there this weekend.  I was attending the funeral of my mom’s first cousin Ray Bucklin.  Besides being family, he and I shared an interest in genealogy and family history.  I suppose that’s why he was buried at this cemetery.  Even though he had lived in Florida for many years, he was buried at the old family grave site.  He is probably the last of four generations of Bucklins to be buried at that graveyard.

There may be other relatives buried in that graveyard in the future, but it’s likely that he will be the last family member with the Bucklin last name buried there.  His father Herbert Bucklin is buried there, as is his grandfather Louis Charles Bucklin (our common ancestor).  Louis’s father James A. Bucklin was the first Bucklin family member buried there.  He brought his family down to Louisiana in 1884 from Massachusetts.

James Bucklin actually had three sons, but only his son Louis has descendants at this point.  Louis had nine sons, but only three of them had a son.  Herbert was the father of Ray and Ray did not have any children.  Robert, Sr. had a son named Robert, Jr.  He had a daughter, so the Bucklin name did not carry on.  My grandfather Fred had a son.  Austin is still with us and he has grandsons with the Bucklin name, but they are not connected to the Raymond area.

Family members of Ray Bucklin at his gravesite on Nov. 6, 2021, at Raymond Methodist Cemetery in Raymond, Louisiana.

So the family that came to pay respects to Ray are like me.  We’re part of the Bucklin family, but we don’t have the last name Bucklin.  We took a photo at the grave site and that is the picture I’m sharing today.  I warned them beforehand, so I guess that means that I have their permission to do so. 

I’ll name people by how they connect to the children of our common ancestor Louis C. Bucklin.  In the front row is the surviving family of Herbert Bucklin.  From the left is his son-in-law Joseph Connors III, the husband of Louise Bucklin Connors.  She is sitting next to him.  Next to her are their sons Joseph and John Connors. 

On the back row are the cousins.  First up on the left is me, Van Landry.  I am the son of Betty Lou Bucklin Landry and the grandson of Fred Bucklin.  Next is Kristi Jackson Davidson.  She is the daughter of Jeannette Bucklin Jackson and the granddaughter of Roy Bucklin.  To the right of her is Charles Bruchhaus, son of Harley Bruchhaus and grandson of Ruth Bucklin Bruchhaus.  Directly behind Louise is Carol Taylor Fraser.  She is the daugther of Helen Bucklin Taylor and the granddaughter of Ralph Bucklin. 

The next four people are first cousins of Ray and Louise.  First we have a female cousin on the Koll side of the family.  Sorry, I can’t remember her name even though she nicely introduced herself.  Second is Doris Bucklin Lawson.  She is the younger daughter of Roy Bucklin.  That would make her Kristi’s aunt.  Third is a male cousin on the Koll side of the family.  Again, I can’t remember his name.  And fourth is Arlene Keys Ware.  She is the daughter of Edna Bucklin Keys.  She is related to my mom on both sides of the family through the Bucklin and Keys families.  The person on the far right in the back is Lauren Bruchhaus Fruge (not Foley!  I said it incorrectly a few times.  Sorry!)  She is the daughter of Laurence Bruchhaus and the granddaughter of Ruth Bucklin Bruchhaus.  That would make her Charles’s first cousin.

It was good getting together with cousins to remember Ray.    Some of my mom’s Phenice first cousins were at the Methodist Church Annex after the grave site visit because they were helping to prepare the food for lunch afterward.  It was good to see them, also.  With this group of cousins, the common family background and DNA was noticeable.  Certain phrases, smiles, and mannerisms among them reminded me of my mom.  She was a part of all of our lives.

Since today is Veteran’s day, I would like to thank all of those who have served our country in the military.  Ray Bucklin was one of those.  He served in the Air Force.   Hat’s off to him.

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