Betty Lou in Grade Two

Betty Lou Bucklin in 1940 in Hathaway, Louisiana.

Here is a photo of my mom from 1940.  It is the second grade school photo from the 1940-41 school year when Betty Lou Bucklin was a student at Hathaway High School.  Was it called Hathaway High School even though you were going there in the second grade?  That just sounds weird.  But I’ve never heard it called anything but Hathaway High School.

I like this photo of her, but I always wonder why she wasn’t smiling.  She was halfway smiling in her first grade photo.  Now that I say that, I realize the same thing about my own first and second grade photos.  I was smiling in the first grade and not in the second.  I never really wondered why I wasn’t smiling, even though I have no idea why.  Is second grade a difficult year for people?  But then again, my mom wasn’t smiling in her photos for the next few school years .  Lately I haven’t minded, because they work much better for animated photos that freak people out.

My mom was a blond back then, as were her younger sisters.  I think she got that from the Hine line of her family.  Her father was Fred Bucklin.  Fred was the son of Addie May Hine.  The photos of Grandpa when he was a child showed that he had the blond hair as a child also.  He would have been called towheaded. Like most towheaded children, their hair darkens as they get older.  In other photos that I’ve posted, you can see that the trait was common with his Hine cousins as well.

When you look at old photos of Addie, you can see that her brothers had light hair as children and it got darker as they got older.  So I say that the trait has been passed down by the Hine line of the family.  But I guess it might have come from the Stanbrough side.  Addie’s parents were George Hine and Sue Stanbrough.  I only have photos of them as adults and I don’t have many photos of their siblings.  But I still tend to think that the trait came from our German Hine line.

Even though her hair got darker as she got older, my mom said that her hair would lighten when she would be out in the sun.  She had brown eyes, but they weren’t dark brown.  They were light brown and when she had highlights in her hair from the sun, people used to tell her that she had golden eyes.  I have to admit that I did edit this photo and one of the things I did was to lighten her eyes.  They looked so much darker than what I remember her eyes looking like.  So I think it reflects what she really looked like back then.  I hope you like it.

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