Mee Maw Enjoying Her Grandchildren

I was planning on posting a different photo today.  I had thought that I would follow up on a topic that I started a while back.  I was thinking I would post a photo of Mee Maw giving one of her grandchildren a haircut.  I posted a photo of my other grandmother cutting someone’s hair a while back and thought I’d show off Mee Maw’s skills as well.  But when I was going through the photos to find that other photo, I found this one.  I tried to be disciplined, so I found the photo of the hair-styling session.  But it didn’t speak to me. 

My paternal grandmother Germaine Erie Patureau Landry was known by her grandchildren as Mee Maw. Her she is with some of her grandchildren around 1956.

But this one did.  So that’s what I’m going with.  It’s a photo from the Secret Collection.  I estimate it to be from around 1956 based on the apparent ages of the cousins that I can recognize.   One of the main reasons I posted this photo is because of the nice smile on Mee Maw’s face.  She looks so happy to be surrounded by all of her young grandchildren and their friends.  It looks to be somebody’s birthday party.

I can’t even tell whose birthday party it might be.  My cousin Douglas Winn is in the center at the front of the table.  Since the photo came from his family, it’s highly likely that it was his birthday.  Yet the cake (I think that is a cake!) is front of another cousin Mark Reeves on the left with the blonde hair.  He is also under the festive balloons.   Whatever the occasion, it looks like they are having a wonderful time.

Cousin Hubey Landry is on the left in the doorway.  He’s got a big smile.  Of course reigning over all of the cousins is the First.  She had to stand on a chair to make sure her prominence was unmistakable!  That would be my cousin and godmother Shirley Landry (now Shaw) with her hands firmly planted on her hips.  That other girl looks like she’s trying to garner some of the attention with a sassy and flamboyant stance.  This might be cousin Daphne Winn (now Morton), though I don’t associate that attitude with her.  It looks like a Paula Raley attitude, but this was way before her time and it doesn’t look like her.

The other cousin that I can identify is Dennis Landry who is sitting in the welcoming lap of our dear Mee Maw.  Wasn’t he the fortunate one!  I know that some of the other children in the photo are definitely friends, though there may be another cousin or two in there.  Is that Patricia Duffy (now Rauser) next to Mark?  I’m sure I’ll get some more information from the First or another of my cousins.  They help us young ones in our quest for older family history.

Sept. 24, 2021 – Follow-up

Two more cousins have been identified with the help of the cousins.  The two children on the left edge of the photo are Daphne Winn and Kenny Landry.  It also was agreed that the event is most likely Douglas Winn’s birthday party.

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