Hine Family Reunion 1989

August 12, 1989 – The descendants of George Hine and Susan G. Stanbrough Hine in Jennings, Louisiana.

I’ve been wanting to post these photos for a while, but I was a bit overwhelmed by how many people are in the main photo.  I’m still overwhelmed because I haven’t figured out a way to label everyone in the photo.  I decided to go ahead and post the photos anyway.  If I get some identification on several people, I’ll figure it out then. 

The photos were taken on August 12, 1989, at the Hine family reunion.  I’m pretty sure it took place in Jennings, Louisiana, though it could have been in Elton.  I just don’t remember.  (Yes it was in Jennings.  At the home of Darlene Hine Landry.) When I got this photo a few years ago, I hadn’t even thought of that reunion since it happened.  I don’t have many memories about it.  My memory was somewhat refreshed back in November of 2019 when I wrote about the 30 year anniversary of my sister Jodie’s death.  I shared some of my journal entries from back in 1989, and one of them mentions the Hine Reunion that I attended.  That’s how I knew the date was August 12, 1989, and that I played horseshoes at the event.

August 12, 1989 – The Hine Family Reunion. This group includes the descendants of George and Sue Hine’s oldest child Addie May Hine Bucklin.

Most of my memories from that year are associated with Jodie.  The last time we visited.  The last time we spoke.  Her funeral.  I remember lots of things from that year, but not this reunion.  But I did go.  The pictures prove it.  Since I associated that year with Jodie, I’ll explain our relationship to the people in the photo.  Jodie and I (and our four siblings) were the children of Betty Lou Bucklin Landry and Bob Landry.  My mom is where the connection lies.  Of course it does!  My dad only has French ancestry and Hine is a German name.  My mom’s father was Fred Bucklin and he was the son of Addie May Hine Bucklin.  Addie was the oldest of six children (like Jodie was) of George Henry Hine and Susan G. Stanbrough Hine.  The reunion was for all of the descendants of Grandpa George and Grandma Sue.

August 12, 1989 – Darlene Hine Landry with old family photos.

I went to the reunion with my parents.  I am on the far right in both of the photos.  My mom is sitting on the ground on the far right in the first photo.  In the second photo she is standing next to me on the back row.  My dad is standing next to me on the back row in the first photo.  The first photo is the whole group that attended the reunion.  It includes the descendants of all six of George and Sue Hine’s children.  The second photo only includes the descendants of Addie Hine Bucklin.  I know who some of those people are.  I’ll try to name a few of them. 

On the far left is my mom’s first cousin Jeannette Bucklin.  She and my mom shared a May 20th birthday and she was my teacher at Northside Jr. High.  Her daughter Kristi is three spots over on the back row in a yellow blouse.  In front of her and to the right is Shirley Petree Bruchhaus.  She was my algebra teacher at Jennings High School and she was married to my mom’s first cousin Laurence Bruchhaus.  A few spots over to the right is Uvonne Bruchhaus Domingue holding her infant son Cade.  Next to her is our 2nd cousin Carol Taylor Fraser with her children Julia and Andrew.

I should know the older woman standing in front of my dad, but I’m not sure.  The younger woman in front of my dad is Arlene Keys Ware, my mom’s first cousin.  I’m thinking that her brother might be on the back row, but again I’m not sure.  I am sure that someone will be helping me out with some identifications.

The third photo is of Darlene Hine Landry.  She was my grandfather’s first cousin.  Like my mom, she married a Landry.  I’m not closely related to that Landry, but I think the connection is through the subject of one of my recent posts.  I think he descends from the brother of my Marie Magdeleine Granger.   At the time this photo was taken, I was not that interested in all of those photos she has laid out on the table.  Fortunately family members like Louise and Joseph have made sure the photos have been protected and they share generously.  I recognize all  of those photos because I have digital copies of them.  I also have a copy of that family tree on the board behind Darlene in the photo.  It includes the names of all of those Hine descendants up to that time.

The tree continues to grow.  Why just recently I added a little Jacob to it.  Welcome to the Hine family, Jacob.

Hine Family tree for Susan Stanbrough and George Hine by great grandson Ken Hine in 1989.

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