Grandpa Bucklin Played Basketball

Basketball players in Elton, Louisiana, in 1925 include my grandfather Fred Bucklin and his twin brother Clarence.

I don’t know what to write about these photos.  I just like them a lot.  I didn’t realize that I was repeating a recent theme until I was well into editing these photos.  It was just this month that I wrote about my Landry grandfather playing a sport and now I’m talking about my Bucklin grandfather doing the same thing.  Well, not quite the same.  Pee Paw Landry was a baseball player and Grandpa Bucklin played basketball.  While Pee Paw was a semi-professional baseball player, I don’t know how serious of a player Grandpa was.  I just have a few photos of him playing basketball and don’t remember any stories about his early years of playing the game.

But who cares how serious of a player he was?  Look at this photo!  It’s an action shot from almost 100 years ago.  That’s pretty cool.  I may have edited this photo a little, but I promise you that I did not add the basketball to the photo.  That would have been just wrong!  It doesn’t even look like the ball is going to make the basket, but that’s not important either.  It’s an action photo of my grandfather as a young man playing basketball with his brother and their friends.  I think it might even be my grandfather who is shooting the ball.  It’s a photo taken by his sister Edna (I think), so she would be focusing on getting photos of her brothers in action.

Player 1, Player 2, Fred Bucklin, Burr Dell Scott, Clarence Bucklin, Player 6 in Elton, Louisiana, in 1925. (Enhanced photo)

My grandfather’s name was Fred D. Bucklin.  He and his identical twin brother Clarence were born on October 2, 1907, in Roanoke, Louisiana.  The family lived in Prairie Grove, Arkansas, a few years and then moved back to Jefferson Davis Parish in Louisiana.  They settled in the Hathaway area.  Fred and Clarence went to school in Elton where they graduated from high school in 1926.

I had two different dates on these photos, though it looks like they could have been taken the same day.  I’m thinking that the 1925 date is probably correct, because it looks like it could be a school basketball team.  Yet schools in Louisiana weren’t integrated until much later, so I question that assumption.  It could be a few years later at some other city team or such.

I need to mention some other family connections in this photo.  The guy standing between the twins is Burr Dell Scott.  Clarence would marry Myrtle Moon in 1928.  Fred would marry his own Myrtle – Myrtle Phenice – in 1930.  She was my grandmother.  Myrtle Moon Bucklin died in 1937.  She and Clarence did not have any children.  Burr Dell married Sadie Manuel around 1942.  They had three children together and then Burr Dell died in 1958.  Then Clarence and Sadie got married around 1960, and they had Carla a few years later.  (Thanks, Carla, for providing these great photos for me to use!)  The interesting thing about that is that Burr Dell was a third cousin of my grandmother Myrtle through her English Horsnell line.

So there you have it.  If you didn’t enjoy the family history tidbit, I hope you enjoyed the photos.  If you didn’t like the photos, maybe I can help out a bit by showing you a colorized version of it.  Here you go:

Colorized version of the old basketball photo.

There.  Everyone should be satisfied now.


  • Loris Bucklin Woolley (daughter of Fred Bucklin)

    Daddy always went to our games and – way back – he would go out on the court and shoot goals after the games. And he liked to spin the ball on his index finger. I knew he loved basketball but had never before seen pictures!

  • Charlotte Miller

    Thank you for this information. I am the second born of Burr Dell and Sadie Scott. Clarence was my step father that we all loved. Carla Ann Bucklin LaFleur is my BABY sister..

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