Bucklin Birthday Boys in 1982

Bucklin gathering in 1981 in Welsh, Louisiana.

Usually I try to share information when I write my weekly posts.   When I find some interesting information about different lines of the family, I’ll write up a story to share some of those discoveries.  This week is a little different.  I’m looking for information.  Mainly I’m looking for the names of the people in this photograph. 

I know a few of them.  I should!  They’re my maternal grandparents Fred and Myrtle Bucklin.  I also know that my grandfather Fred’s identical twin brother Clarence is in the photo. (Wrong!  I was corrected.  The Bucklin brother on the right is Fred & Clarence’s older brother Ralph.)  I think this is a family gathering to celebrate their birthday around 1982 (Cousin Carol informed me it was 1981).  I’m not even sure about that fact.  I’m not even going to guess whose house it was in. 

I suppose I’m actually looking for more information than I initially stated.  I want the where, when, and why as well.  I also want to know what the story is behind the wooden ducks that the boys are holding.  I know that my grandfather Fred had a hobby of carving and painting wooden duck decoys and wall hangings.  Maybe it was something both of them enjoyed and they were having a contest to see whose was the best! 

So what I know for sure is that in the center of the photo is my grandfather Fred D. Bucklin who was born Oct. 2, 1907, in Roanoke, Louisiana.  He was either the 7th or 8th child (Which twin was born first?  Add that to the list of things I want to know!) of Louis and Addie Hine Bucklin.  He died January 9, 1984.  To the right of Fred is (not) his twin Clarence.  As you may have guessed, he was born on the same day as Fred.  He died November 27, 1985.  My estimate of the date of the photo was based on the dates of their deaths.  Grandpa looks like the oldest I remember seeing him.  The photo probably wasn’t taken much earlier than this date.

Directly behind my grandfather is my freshman year of high school algebra teacher Mrs. Bruchhaus.  Her real name is Shirley Petree Bruchhaus.  She was married to my mom’s first cousin Laurence Bruchhaus (1936-2011) of Elton.  I’m pretty sure that is him directly behind her to the right.  The only other person I’m sure about is my grandmother who is standing  up on the far left.  She was Myrtle Sylvia Phenice before she married Fred in 1930.

Numbered photo to help with identification.

So to keep all the names straight, I’m posting this photo with numbers for everyone.  I started with Grandpa and Grandma as #1 and 2.  (Ralph) is 3, Shirley is 4, and Laurence is 5.  Hopefully all of the numbers will be associated with a name rather soon.  So if you are reading this when I first posted it, there won’t be any other names revealed.  But if you are reading it later – like after a few days, years, decades, or centuries – there should be an update with names.

Thanks in advance to everyone who is able and willing to help.


May 8, 2021 Update

Success!  My second cousin Carol had most of the answers about this event.  It was held at her mother Helen Bucklin Taylor’s home in Welsh, Louisiana.  Helen was the daughter of Fred’s older brother Ralph.  It was on the occasion of Fred and Clarence’s 74th birthday in 1981.  I’m not going to change the title to keep links working.  I will tell you who all the identified people are and their relation to my grandfather Fred.

#1 was already identified as Fred D. Bucklin himself.  #2 is his wife Myrtle.  #3 is not his identical twin brother Clarence after all!!  You can not be more surprised than I am.  I spend a lot of time looking at old photos and trying to identify people.  There was an older photo of Ralph that was identified as Fred, but I’m pretty sure they were wrong.  The Bucklin brothers bore strong resemblances to each other.  I am now questioning my powers of deduction.  #3 is Shirley Petree Bruchhaus.  She was married to #5 Laurence Bruchhaus.  Laurence was the son of Fred’s sister Ruth.  #6 is Helen Bucklin Taylor, daughter of Fred’s brother Ralph.  #7 is Fred’s sister Ruth Bucklin Bruchhaus.  #8 is is Julia Fraser, daughter of #9 Carol Taylor Fraser (daughter of #6). #10 is Lottie Mae Fraser is Carol’s mother-in-law.  #11 is Lauren Bruchhaus, daughter of #3 Shirley & #5 Laurence.  #12 is Kent Taylor, oldest child of Ronnie Taylor and grandson of #6 Helen.  #13 is William Charles Bruchhaus, better known as Buddha, husband of #7 Ruth.  #14 is Frank Keys, husband of Fred’s sister Edna Bucklin Keys.  #15 is Fred’s brother Herbert Bucklin.  #16 is Fred’s sister Edna Bucklin Keys.  #17 is Dora Koll Bucklin, wife of #15 Herbert.  #18 is Pat Peterson Bruchhaus, wife of #19 Harley Bruchhaus, son of #7. #20 is David A. Fraser, husband of #9 Carol.  #21 is Rev. William Fraser father of #20.  #22 is Norma Walker Taylor, wife of #23 Ronnie Taylor.  He is the son of #6 Helen. #24 Stuart Taylor and #25 Laura Taylor are the children of #23 Ronnie and the grandchildren of #6 Helen.

Thanks to cousins Carol Fraser and Kurt Bruchhaus for providing the names.  We’ve still got one more to go!


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