Who Is Mrs. P. M. Babin?

Van Landry, a great great grandson of Mrs. P. M. Babin, taking a selfie at the St. John Cemetery in Lafayette, Louisiana, on October 24, 2020.

As you can tell from the photo, it must be a family member.  Otherwise I wouldn’t be taking a photo of myself with her grave.  Right?  I don’t take a selfie with just any old grave!

Maybe you can be like Sis and ask, “Who is Grandma Babin?”  That is a question that she asked my dad many years ago.  Daddy laughed and eventually explained it to her.  I have made references to that question a few times in these blog posts.  I really shouldn’t make fun of Sis, she’s been so good about sharing photos and information with me.  In fact, I’m sharing one of the photos in this post.

St. John Cemetery in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Here are some clues.  This is a photo of the area showing other related graves.  In the foreground is the grave of Wana C. Landry.  Some of you may be familiar with her.  This is not my Aunt Wana.  Everyone knows that she was Wana Lidwin.  Wana C. was a granddaughter of Mrs. P. M. Babin.  She was never married.

Next to Mrs. P. M. Babin is P. M. Babin.  This is her husband.  If you don’t know who Mrs. P. M. Babin, this other grave doesn’t give you any more information.  The next two graves are for for Louis  J. Landry and Mrs. L. J. Landry.  Directly above them in this photo is a whitish grave with a black top.  That grave is for Henry Louis Landry.  He is the brother of Clemence and they are the children of Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Landry.

What’s that you say?  Yes, you are right!   Mrs. P. M. Babin is Grandma Belite.  You are so very clever.  For those of you still not sure, Grandma Belite’s full name is Marie Amelie “Belite” Bujol Landry Babin.  Her name is so long because I include the nickname she went by, the last name of her first husband Trasimond Landry, and the last name of her second husband Pierre Magloire Babin.  Mrs. P. M. Babin is such a lacking name for her headstone.  No given name, no nickname, and no maiden name is given.

I didn’t know where her grave was for a while, but then I asked a third cousin Chip.  He was able to provide a photo for me and told me where it was.  So I decided to go find it the other day when we were in Lafayette.  I realized the graveyard was between a friend’s house and the I-10.  I wandered around the cemetery looking for it and eventually found the group of graves.  Grandma Belite’s daughter Clemence is the one named Mrs. Louis J. Landry.  She was my Mee Maw’s (Germaine Erie Patureau) half aunt.  Clemence’s husband Louis was the brother of my Pee Paw (Robert J. Landry Sr.).

Therese Wynhoven Mouton, Emma Patureau Mouton, Grandma Belite, and Grampa Max in 1921.  This was probably taken in Duson, Louisiana.  (Thanks to Sis for providing the photo.)

Here is a photo of Grandma Belite in 1921.  She is in the middle of the photo and her son-in-law Max Patureau is on the right.  He was married to Belite and Trasimond’s daughter Marie Therese Landry.  She died in 1909.  She and Max Patureau are buried in the Patureau tomb in Plaquemine.  But Max isn’t just Belite’s son-in-law, he’s her half second cousin by their Landry mothers.  Also in the photo are Max’s daughter Emma Patureau Mouton and her firstborn daughter Therese Wynhoven Mouton.  We knew her as Tez.

So there you have it.  Mrs. P. M. Babin with her family, where even her in-laws are related to her.  She was known by those buried by her as Grandma Babin.  But to those who descend from her Landry children, she was known as Grandma Belite.

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