Thanksgiving 1959

When I think of Thanksgivings in the past, I think of the times I spent with my Bucklin cousins in Hathaway.  Of course, not many of them were Bucklins because my mom had three sisters (Sylvia, Alma, and Loris) and only one brother (Austin).  So they were gatherings of Bucklins, Landrys, Pilchers, Seals, and Woolleys. 

Thanksgiving 1959 with the Bucklin sisters.

I don’t have many photos of these gatherings.  I guess we were too busy having fun instead of taking photos.  So I found this old photo from 1959 and I have it dated as November 1959.  It shows a fresh crop of Bucklin cousins that were born that year.

From left to right we have my aunt Loris Bucklin Woolley with young Brent who was born in February.  He is being examined by older cousin Lynn Pilcher. (or is it Toni?)  In the middle is my mom Betty Lou Bucklin Landry with young Al who was born in July.  On the right is the oldest sister Sylvia Bucklin Pilcher with the newest member of the family Kevin, who was born in August. 

I was going to say that it wasn’t every year that there were that many new cousins.  But then I thought of the very following year when I was born in October.  Two months later Aunt Loris had Keith, and a month after that Aunt Alma had Rhonda. (Finally another girl!)   I just realized for the first time that there isn’t a photo of us three who were born even closer together!  What’s up with that?  Maybe it was because Brent was Loris’s first child?  That doesn’t seem like a good reason, because Rhonda was Alma’s first.  We were robbed!  We were deprived!

I was going to say that we needed restitution, but that would not be a good example of being thankful.  And that’s what today’s topic is supposed to be about.  Though I am missing some of my family who are no longer here, I am very thankful that I have had such a wonderful family to share Thanksgivings with through the years. 

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