Christmas 1923 With Grandma Amelie

The first time I remember seeing this photo was shortly after clearing out my parents’ house in January 2016.  I was the one that took all of the old photos and genealogy information for both of my parents.  I was thinking that I was familiar with all of the old photos that they had, but I was wrong.  There were several photos that I had seen online from other relatives that I had hoped to get copies of, and I discovered that I now had those photos.

But there were several others like this one that I didn’t recall seeing anywhere else.  I found this image on a slide that was in a box of many more.  On the border of the slide, it reads “Grandma Amelie + women who spent last Christmas with her 1923.”  (As you can see in the photo I posted.)

I knew who Amelie was.  She is my great great grandmother.  My dad was Bob Landry and his mother was Erie Patureau Landry.  Her mother was Marie Therese Landry Patureau, who was the oldest daughter of Marie Amelie “Belite” Bujol Landry Babin.  Boy, that is a mouth-full!  But she was known by simpler names, such as Belite, Amelie, Grandma Amelie, or Grandma Babin. 

But who were all of these women spending Grandma Belite’s last Christmas with her?  My first thought was that it was some kind of women’s retreat that she had gone to.  But really, what 80-year-old woman goes on a retreat a month before she dies?  Not that she knew she was going to die just over a month later (Jan. 28, 1924), but you can see that she seems a bit frail in this photo.  I then considered that some of the women were family members.  I didn’t really give it much more thought, because I didn’t really recognize anyone in the photo.

Van Landry with dad's first cousin Sis Vicknair.

Van Landry with dad’s first cousin Sis Vicknair.

A little over a year later in July 2017, I went to a Landry family reunion in Lake Charles.  Of course there were lots of cousins there.  One of those cousins was my dad’s first cousin Sis, who has been collecting Patureau family information for a while.  When she was sharing her book, I saw this photo again!  And she had the names of everyone in the photo!  After seeing some more of her photos and some of the ones I had, we realized we need to meet up and share.

Amazingly, we actually followed through with that!  Me and my own first cousins haven’t done the same thing, yet.  We’ve been talking about it for a few years.  Someday soon, I say, very soon.

Grandma Amelie + women Christmas 1923

Grandma Amelie + women Christmas 1923

So this is the photo that Sis shared with me.  I’ve edited it to clean it up a bit and now I can tell you who all of those women are.  I should have suspected that they were her grandchildren.  She was referred to as “Grandma Amelie” on the notation after all!   They all descended from her.

On the front row is Emma Patureau Mouton, Hazel Landry, and Wana C. Landry.  The back row is Sylvie Patureau, Naomi “Sis” Landry, Therese Wynhoven “Tez” Mouton (held by Sis), Grandma Belite, Clemence Babin Landry, Lydwin Patureau, Mona Mel Mouton (held by MTP), Marie Therese “Bee” Patureau, and Zita Patureau.

The main thing I don’t like about this photo is that my Mee Maw isn’t in it!  Neither is her sister Lorena.  Their mother Marie Therese Landry Patureau wasn’t in it because she died in 1909, but their sisters Emma, Sylvie, Lydwin, Bee, and Zita were there.  It also includes Emma’s daughters Tez and Mona Mel.  Mee Maw was expecting her first child in a few months, so maybe that’s why she didn’t attend the gathering.  Besides grandchildren and great grandchildren, one of her daughters is in the mix.  Clemence was her daughter by Belite’s marriage to Magloire Babin.  Clemence was married to Louis Joseph Peter Landry, and their daughters were Sis, Hazel, and Wana C.

I was considering explaining all of the other ways that everyone was related to one another, but it got really confusing quickly.  Best just to say that Belite looks like she had a lovely gathering for her final Christmas with her family.



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