Addie’s last birthday bash

Addie had two of her brothers with her at her last birthday.

Here is a photo from almost 60 years ago. I don’t really know how that could be possible, since I was born just over a month later and I am nowhere near that age! The information on the copy of the photo stated that this photo was taken at the celebration of Addie’s 84th birthday. Since Addie May Hine was born on September 23, 1876, that would put the date of this photo around September 23, 1960.

Addie was the oldest child of George & Sue Hine. She had five younger brothers named Bert, Roe, Lonnie, Jim, and Ollie. Roe died in 1916, Jim died in 1949, and Ollie died in 1954. So at the time of Addie’s last birthday, only Bert and Lonnie were still alive to celebrate with her. She also had her surviving nine children at the event and numerous grandchildren. I know her children were there, because there is another photo from that day.

But in this photo, front and center of the photo is Addie and her two brothers. On the left with the white short-sleeved shirt is brother Bert. On the right with suspenders is brother Lonnie. As you can see from their faces, this was a joyous occasion! I have to admit, Addie does look a bit disinterested, but at least she is not scowling.

I can make out a few other people in the photo. On the left in the background is a man with his body toward the camera but facing to the left. I believe that is Addie’s youngest son Roy. To the right of him is a man wearing a white shirt and a dark checked collar. That’s Addie’s son and my grandfather’s identical twin Clarence. For some reason the way he is standing reminds me of my cousin Brent. And the guy standing to the right of him in a dark plaid shirt reminds me of myself or my brother Rob. Something about the way he is standing. I don’t know who they are, but maybe someone else will know and inform me.

And then there are the man and woman to the right of the Hine siblings. I know that the man is another son of Addie named Herbert. He is the grandfather of Joseph and John Connors. I don’t know who the woman is or what she is telling Uncle Herbert. Hopefully we can find out at least who she is. I doubt that we’ll discover the other information. (The woman in the photo is actually the 14-year-old daughter of Uncle Herbert. Her given name is Mary Louise Bucklin. She is married to Joseph Connors, III, so she is now known by the name Louise Connors.)

There’s one other person in the photo that I just noticed tonight after I picked out this photo to share. On the right edge of the photo is a young girl sitting on a tricycle. It looks to me like it could be my sister Jodie. She was also the first child of six. Though at the time she was only the oldest of four. I was born the following month and my baby sister Jamie was born in July of 1962. Jodie would have been three weeks shy of her 7th birthday. The girl in the photo looks about that age.

From the photos it looks like it was a good turnout for Addie’s birthday bash. And as I said, it was her last birthday. She passed away on Nov. 25, 1960. She looks like she was in pretty good shape at this event. I’ve wondered if she was aware of me or ever saw me. It kind of seems likely. Maybe one of her children told her, “Mama, Betty Lou had another baby today. It’s a boy.” Though she probably didn’t jump for joy, she might have said, “Oh, good,” and sat back in her rocker with a pleasant disposition.

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