Jennie Has Been Very Sick

This is a letter from Joseph Bucklin to his brother Louis Charles Bucklin who was away at business/military school in Ada, Ohio. Soon after this letter, their sister Jennie Bucklin Taylor died, sometime after June 13, 1893.  Jennie had not been well since at least early in April.

Louis was unusually emotional in his June 5th journal entry, stopping mid sentence, “A fellow a thousand miles from home and all he loves. feels although he may have”.  He didn’t write in his journal again for five months.  His daughter Edna Bucklin told us that Louis was very upset when Jennie died.  He never went back to school.

You can click the images to read the letter or scroll down to see it transcribed.

Letter Joe Bucklin to Louis about Jennie sick 5-15-1893 page 1Letter Joe Bucklin to Louis about Jennie sick 5-15-1893 page 2Letter Joe Bucklin to Louis about Jennie sick 5-15-1893 page 3

Lake Arthur Sa. May 15, ‘93.
L. C. Bucklin Esq.
Ada Ohio

Dear Brother: Mother wanted me to write to you again for she dislikes to write so much, she has been here with Jennie 2 weeks watin [waiting] on her and is all tired and worn out. Jennie has been very sick and is no better at this writing, she has sinking spells nearly every day, twice mother thought she was dieing. Ben has gone up to Jennings today for the Dr. to see if he cannot change her medacine. We will keep you posted every few days as to how she is getting along.

Ed. and Clarence came down from the farm yesterday and say everything is looking nice on the farm the rice on the maria is about ready to flood and is looking fine. The corn the boys had to plant over again and is now about knee high.

Ed told me that there would be lots of peaches if nothing happens. They have been using new irish potatoes. Ed. has been having the chills and fever lately. I suppose every body up where you are, are healthy and look fine, was thinking yesterday that it would be so nice for you to be up there just at your age you can realize and enjoy everything more now than at any other age your military exercises must be nice and healthful. Mother says there are two of your last letters in the office at China which she has not read, she told me to direct your next letter to her at this place as she will get it quicker than at the other place.

Ben. and I have gotten along finely with our work will be done with our plowing this week if nothing happens and our rice we have sown is all up nicely some of it nearly ready to flood then comes the work unless we get our levees done and can catch rain.

There is not much news to write to you. Chas. Shoesmith is going north about the 1st of June and of course will take in the worlds fair.

Mr. Gardener and Fannie starts about the same time wont Charly have some highly entertaining [??] abroad if Fannie should go along when he does my wouldn’t the journey be short though.

Ed tells me that Mrs. Blessington died week ago Thurs. That one of her daug-hters got here the night before she died. Mrs. Tuppers sister and her daughter have come. Tuppers will soon reveal the advantages of this country to them. Well my store of news is about exhausted so will close. Write to mother at this place.   from bro Joe


  • Joseph,
    Was just reading this letter again and noticed something you might want to change. You have transcribed it to read, “…Thurs. That one of her dang letters got here…” Dang letters? I actually think that he broke the word daug hters from one line to the next. I think that if Mrs. Blessington were dying, it would be newsworthy that one of her daughters got there before she died. She probably wasn’t too concerned with any of her dang letters!

  • Thanks. Fixed.

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