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Last week I posted a photo of my paternal grandmother. This week I am posting a photo of my dad’s paternal grandmother. Her name was Marie Celeste Leveque and she was born in 1847 in Brusly, Louisiana. That is just across the river from where I live now. In fact this evening I’ll be passing right through there on my way to Plaquemine.

1868 - Marie Celeste Leveque Landry

Marie Celeste Leveque circa 1868

She married Simon Alcide Joseph Landry in 1868. My assumption is that this photo was from her wedding engagement around the time prior to the wedding. If anyone knows better, let me know. I’m not sure who has an original printing of this photograph. I have a scan that was faded and in sepia that I edited to bring to this condition. Enjoy it.

July 2020 Update – New colorized version of the photo

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  • Jessica Celeste Soes

    Wow!!! How amazing it is that u found all this information about our family!!! I am named after Marie Lucie Celeste Leveque!!! I go by Celeste!!! Please send more info!! How exciting!! Thank you

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