Elton Mardi Gras Parade

Two old 8mm home movies of the Elton Mardi Gras parade in the 60s taken by a Bruchhaus.   I wish I had ran across this again in time to post for Mardi Gras this year. Found some old films at Aunt Ruth’s house years ago and copied them with an old projector and film transfer box Jeannette Bucklin let me borrow. I finally found an easy way to eliminate some of the flicker.

Bucklin Double Exposure

Double Bucklin

Bucklin family double exposure circa 1950

I don’t know what it is about double exposures that capture my attention, but they do.  Particularly when they are older photos of my family.  I’m guessing that this one was taken around 1950 in Hathaway, Louisiana, at the home of my great grandmother Addie Mae Hine Bucklin.  She was my mother’s paternal grandmother.  I’ve posted photos of her before and she usually has a rather dour look on her face.  There are exceptions to that, but this is not one.  Now that I think about it, all of the ones I’ve posted so far show her scowlish demeanor.  I promise you that the next photo that I post of her will be one with a smile.

But for now you will have to put up with that sour look one more time.  Poor old Addie!  She seemed like a sweet woman whose family meant everything to her and all I do is give her a hard time.  I can just picture her scowling at me!  See her?  She’s the one standing in front of the window in this photo.  She’s also standing ‘behind’ the only person who is doubled in the photo.  The other thing I like about the photo is that it looks to be a candid shot.  Sure, they were setting up for a group photo, but it doesn’t seem like they are quite posed yet.

In fact, it looks like my mom is coming down the steps when the photo was taken.  That’s Betty Lou Bucklin on the far right in this photo.  Her sister Loris is between Betty Lou and Addie Mae with the dark blouse on.  In front of Loris is their younger brother Austin.  Sister Alma is on the other side of Addie Mae.  She looks a bit dazed from being bombarded with the lights from the double exposure.  Older sister Sylvia is the first female seen from the left of the shot.  She’s got the most light on her from the double exposure, but she’s smiling like a trooper.  To the right of her is my grandfather Fred D. Bucklin, father of Betty Lou and son of Addie.  To the right of Fred is his sister Edna Bucklin Keys.  Next is a brother-in-law.  The next two are cousins of my mom.  The older one is a Bruchhaus boy and the younger one is maybe a Keys.  The woman next to them is Ruth Bucklin Bruchhaus, who is trying to imitate the sour look of her mother.  She even crossed her arms for better emphasis.

I’m not sure who all of the people are.  I’m pretty sure that the man to the left of Sylvia is her uncle Herbert Bucklin.  I’ll be editing this post as I get corrections and additions concerning the identities of certain people.  I’m posting this other photo from the same day, but that is all I have from that day.  I’m wondering if there is a ‘final result’ photo that shows everyone ready and smiling.  With Addie in the photo, that may be asking for a bit much!

Bucklin family preparations

Getting ready for the Bucklin family photo. I can just hear her now, “Come on, everyone, get outside. Let’s get this over with.”


Addie with Great Grand Kids

Van Landry’s post this week is about Addie Hine and Louis Bucklin with a photo of them when she was 29. Ray Bucklin said she was really good with kids. She had lots of experience. They had 11 children that survived to adulthood, a total of 19 grand kids. I am not going to try counting the great grand kids. Here she is with some great grandkids. Charles and Kurt Bruchhaus? She lived at Ruth Bucklin and William Charles “Budda” Bruchhaus’ house in her later years.


Bucklin Gathering 1949

Bucklin Group NumberedIt’s kind of hard to beat that gold mine picture from last week, so I’m not going to try. Hopefully we’ll have some fun with names this week. I tried to identify as much as I could from other photos, but wasn’t able to name them all. With the help of the Bucklin community we have everyone named. This is a photo from about 1949, probably in Hathaway. #13 is my great grandmother Addie Mae Hine Bucklin.

And as a special treat because of all of the responses (and because I just found this photo today in all of the stuff I got out of the house in Jennings while cleaning it out with my brother and sisters and nieces and nephew) I am attaching another photo of the same group on the same day. I think they took this one because when they looked at the first one closely on their phones, they could see that Grandma Addie wasn’t smiling. So they took another one. See the smile? Look really close!

Bucklin Group 2nd Photo

Joseph discovered some other photos of this scene with more people and posted them here.

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