From Lizzie to Auntie

3_sistersMom, Van, and I worked on figuring out who these were recently. On the back, written lightly in pencil on black paper was a note, but it was almost unreadable even after enhancing with the computer. It was obvious they were sisters, but it took a lot of studying her handwriting and guess at her misspellings to finally be able to understand it all:

 3 sisters back
From Lizzie to Auntie
Ora on the right – and then
myself and Tena [Christina] I thought
you would presate [appreciate] this better
than any thing else I could
send you
to Auntie
Years ago, that wouldn’t have helped, but we have expanded the family tree a bunch and finally had some matching names. I found the daughters of Mary Etta Stanbrough (1848-1934) matched. Mary Etta is sister of Susan Stanbrough Hine (Addie Hine Bucklin’s mother).
Ora Wicker (or Whicker) (1869)
Elizabeth “Lizzie” Wicker (1881)
Christina “Tina” Wicker (1874)
We don’t know much about them, but its nice to have their photo and Lizzie’s note.

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  • I just found a DNA match at MyHeritage who is a descendant of Christina “Tena” Wicker in this photo. I had not noticed before, but she lived to be 100 years old!

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