Marie Celeste Talks

This is a little different today. It’s an audiovisual post. The website MyHeritage came out with a new feature this past week. It’s kinda crazy! It combines all the information that you have about an ancestor and puts it all together to make a story about the person’s life.
I thought I would try it with my great grandmother Marie Celeste Leveque Landry. She was my father’s paternal grandmother. They all called her Grandma Celeste. I like the way it came out, but I had to edit it a bit to get it closer to what I think she might sound like. I gave her a somewhat French accent and changed it to a photo of her from her later years. How else would she know all the information about her whole life?
So sit back and listen to Grandma Celeste tell us about her life in southern Louisiana that started in the mid 1800s. And don’t make fun of her or she might give you the evil eye. She might even try to scare you with a story about Madame Macoon!
Click here to see the video.