Grampa Max’s Store in Plaquemine

Family store in Plaquemine, Louisiana, circa 1904.

I posted this photo of the family store in Plaquemine, Louisiana, seven years ago.  That was ages ago.  It was before I was doing these weekly posts about family history.  Back then I was just sharing an old photo that I liked.  I think the first time I saw the photo, it was in Tommy Landry’s book about the descendants of Trasimond Landry.

In that book it quoted “Mrs. Naomi Landry Vincent” who was identified as the granddaughter of Trasimond Landry’s widow Marie Amelie “Belite Bujol Landry Babin.  I knew she was a relative back then, but I wasn’t exactly sure how we were related.  But now I know that she was my dad’s first cousin Sis from the Landry side of the family.  Their fathers were brothers.  I’ve talked about his other cousin Sis from the Patureau side.  She is still with us, but all of Daddy’s first cousins on his father’s side have been gone for many years.

But I still was able to get some new information from Cousin Sis from the Landry side.  Daddy made a videotape in 1990 of her talking about the Landry family while viewing various photos.  It is very helpful.  I’m so glad my brother-in-law made a disc for me recently.  (Thanks, Brian!)  I also found myself thanking my dad as I watched it, because he was asking the questions that I wanted to ask.  So now I am able to identify everyone in the photo. 

I identified a few people in the photo before with the help of some writing on the back of my cousin Daphne’s original of this photo.  I also have the photo of the back of someone else’s copy.  So it took a combination of all of that to finally get everyone named.  So let the naming begin!

According to the document I found, Vincent “Max” Patureau, Magloire “Mack” Babin, and Dr. Louis Danos had three equal shares in the store.  This was before Grampa Max was a veterinarian.  He was married to Marie Therese Landry, who is not in the photo.  Her mother (Belite – by Belite’s first husband Trasimond Landry), step-father (Mack), husband (Max), half-sister (Clemence), brother-in-law (Louis Landry – also her first cousin), and children are in it.  And now that I look closer, there is an unidentified person in it.  (Lorena was listed twice by my dad and Sis!)

Labels from the back of this photo. Not sure of its origin.

In the front on the wooden “sidewalk” are Zita and Vincent Patureau.  Behind them are Clemence Babin with her hand on the horse and Louis Landry with the reins in his hands.  They would quietly be married at the residence of her parents (Belite and Mack) the following year and then set up residence in Lafayette.  Their oldest daughter would be cousin Sis (the Landry one, of course).  I’m not sure who the next girl is.  She was labeled as Lorena, but so was the girl at the end of this line sitting on the steps.

Cropped version of the photo that I found that has more details in it.

The next person is Emma, the oldest child of Max and Marie Therese.  To the right of her is younger sister Lydwin.  Beside her is their brother Romuald.  Standing behind Romuald is Grandma Belite.  (Landry cousin Sis called her Grandma Babin, which led to a lot of confusion for Patureau cousin Sis before my dad straightened it out for her one day.)  Next to Romuald is little Sylvia, the youngest of the Patureau bunch.  There was some discussion on the video about whether Sylvia is this little girl or the little girl sitting in front.

The next little girl is my favorite.  Her name was Erie.  When she grew up, I knew her as my beloved Mee Maw.  I was her favorite!  Next to little Erie is Marie Therese.  She was known as Bee and when she grew up, she was the mother of Sis and Syl.  (Patureau Sis, not Landry Sis!)  As I said previously, the girl sitting on the steps may be Lorena.

The man sitting on the steps is Mack Babin, who had 1/3 ownership of this store.  He was the second husband of my great great grandmother Belite Bujol.  The man standing behind the horse is my great grandfather Vincent Maximillian Patureau – better known as Grampa Max.  The identity of the last person came from my cousin’s photo.  He is labeled as “Old Uncle Joe.”  Based on the age of the man and the year the photo was taken, I think this must be Grampa Max’s older brother Joseph Alcide Patureau.

So there you go.  That wasn’t too bad, right?  Thanks to those that stuck with me through to the end.  You’re the best!  I hope you enjoy the photo.  I do.

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