Hula Hooping on the Farm

The films of great great grandmother are great, but this one from Aunt Ruth’s collection is lots of fun. A bunch of grown men trying to hula hoop.  Charles says this is at the Bruchhaus farm.  Behind Grandma and Grandpa’s house they had a Barbecue house.  He didn’t recognize any of the men.

To transfer these films to digital, I borrowed an old 8mm projector and a film transfer box from Jeannette Bucklin Jackson.  It is a box of mirrors that allows me to line up my digital camera and projector to record the projected image.  I always wanted to use software to clean them up and remove as much of the flickering as I could.  But I haven’t got around to it in over 10 years so when I found them again on my computer, I decided now was the time to start uploading them.  I did make a few quick attempts to reduce the flicker, but have not had good luck yet.

Thanks to Aunt Ruth for keeping so much family history stuff.

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