Sock Monkeys in the Past

Hello!  Your friendly, charming sock monkey here.  Now we’re going to do something good for Throw Away Thursday. Van has been a bit serious and boring lately showing all those photos of serious dead people. None of them ever seem to be smiling. That’s not fun. And you want to know why? Just look at the photos – there’s not a sock monkey in sight! And everybody knows that sock monkeys bring joy wherever they go.

My Papi tells me about how excited Van used to be when he visited his grandma Murder and found him in the toy chest. (See second photo in this post.)  It was the highlight of the visit.


But this post is not about Van. It’s about sock monkeys bringing joy. I found a real old picture – probably a bunch of munce ago – and even though it is old, the humans are smiling. Why? Because a sock monkey is in the picture, that’s why! Case closed. This is Papi and his Bettilou back in the day.








Photo of Van with Papi in 1964.  See how happy he was?

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